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Investing in Hotel Business?

HSMC provides total package of Consultancy Services to the Investors and operators of the Hospitality Industry. Our relationship with you should commence right from the drawing board through to the formal opening of the Hotel’s operations and business. Indeed this is a sweet dream come true!

Being the most prominent professional hospitality firm in Nigeria, HSMC with more than 15 years of meritorious services boasts of the best engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, financial/investment analysts who are well experienced in the activities of the Hospitality Industry to carry out comprehensive technical and business appraisal of your projects.

We have our core competence in Hospitality Projects Evaluation; Due Diligence and Feasibility Analyses; Operational and personnel Audit; Market Research. In each of these services we provide you with comprehensive professional reports that guide your informed decisions on the projects.

Take a look at the various modules under this services which are very relevant to proposed businesses and those currently running, and Contact Us for further discussions.

- Building/Premises Rationalisation
- Financial Projections and Feasibility Analysis
- Due Diligent Analysis
- Rationalisation of Equipment/facilities

Building/Premises Rationalisation
This Service Module is for Hotel projects that are still on the drawing board or whose construction is just taking off. HSMC Team would carry out critical review and analysis of the architectural designs and engineering drawings with a view to ensure that ultimately the facilities so built are amenable to operational flow and effective service delivery system.

The object of this service is to guarantee the proper location of facilities within the premises through professional guidance during the projects developmental stage.

Another of our services in this module is the Physical Adaptation of existing properties to functional Hotel or Guest Houses. Our Projects Team will inspect the property and prepare new architectural designs, engineering drawings and templates that will guide the Physical Adaptation Exercise. Ours is to deliver Hotels/Guest Houses of high functionality; effective service flow; aesthetically finished facilities; movement logistics; traffic control; and ensure safety of lives and properties. The total package is the realisation of hotels/guest houses of the investors’ dream and satisfactions of the most discerning guests!

Financial Projection & Feasibility Analysis
This is a high level technical service that provides comprehensive financial and investment analysis of the hotel project over a period of time. This Financial Projection Reports reflects the projected operational expenses, revenue base, and the expected profitability of the Project.

Our covenant here is to provide you with reliable financial projections prepared using modern investment analytic technique taking cognisance of specified operational conditions germane to successful hospitality business. This Report is very vital to carry out sound Projects Appraisal and Credit Rating as well as the Feasibility/Viability of the projects is determined right from the outset.

Why not let the tested and trusted professionals guide you in actualising your dreams of owning star-rated hotels, take the HSMC advantage today.

Due Diligence Analysis
This services involves the Investigation and Analysis of the operational and financial well being of existing Hospitality business with a view to generate Situational Reports of the business and make applicable recommendations that enhances the operational effectiveness and efficiency. Implementation of these recommendations by our clients has significantly improved the profitable operations of their outfits resulting in high rate of return on investments.

This exercise simply a clinical diagnosis of ailing business which is undertook by our Team of operational experts and Investment analysts. Under focus here are the:

• Operational systems
• Accounts and Control Systems
• Administrative and Personnel policies
• Facilities Maintenance Policies
• Marketing and Business Development, etc.

Due Diligence Analysis Reports are very useful for varieties of Investment and Financial decision-making processes.

Rationalisation of Equipment & Facilities

No doubt, central to the operations of any standard hotel are equipment and machineries needed for kitchen operations, the engineering, housekeeping, laundry, fitness centre, restaurant, administrations, etc. These must be adequately provided for and properly installed to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

HSMC deploys the technical expertise of its personnel to carry out the rationalisation of the right quantity and quality of these equipment and facilities needed by your hotels to ensure successful operations. Our Reports, taking cognisance of the size of your hotels, gives you the empirical guidance and relevant information on the types of operational equipment needed at the different sections of the hotel, the cost implications as well as the installation tit-bits.