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HSMC as an acronym stands for professionalism and quality services. For over 15 years we have been rendering qualitative management services to investors in the Hospitality Industry.

Through our value-added services we take the stress off the Investors and concerned them only with the task of watching their investments grow and high return rates! We have 2 broad types of Hotel Management Services depending on the operational stage of the Hotel and each of the services is rendered in separate modules. These are :


This service is rendered at the stage when the Hotel Project has been completed i.e. when all the furniture and fittings, machines, equipment, etc. have been successfully installed and operations are about to commenced.

The services basically involve all activities expedient for a successful take off of the Hotel’s Operations and Businesses. It involves:

• Setting up of the Administrative and Operational systems
• Planning and Implementation of Manning
• Planning Menu and Food & Beverage Stores 
• Staff Recruitment and Training
• Policy and Procedure Installation
• Equipment Installation and Test-running
• Formal Launching and Marketing; etc. 

Undoubtedly, with this services we prepare your Hotel effectively for high level performance and excellent hospitality services to the esteemed guests. In actual fact the door of the Hotel is thrown open to walk-in guests during this exercise while all facilities therein are subjected to 24/7 operational test-run.

At the conclusion of this Module, the Hotel is handed over to the Promoters or HSMC commences the Management of the Hotel which is the next service module.

After successful Pre-Opening exercise the Hotel was now ready for full scale operations and business. HSMC then brings our professional expertise and Industry experience to take charge of the day-to-day running of the operations and management of the Hotel while creating wealth for the Investors or Promoters.

Meanwhile, this service module is of three types which are distinguished from one another by the terms and conditions that govern the contracts. Therefore, the Investors are free to make a choice between them depending on their business needs.

Contract Management
Lease Management
Franchise Management

Contract Management
This is the complete take over of the day-to-day running of the Hotel on behalf of the Promoters. A well crafted Management Contract Agreement with clearly spelt-out terms and conditions is signed by the parties at the take-off of the service.

Common features of these Services are the making of purchases of items needed for operations; routine maintenance and servicing of all equipment and facilities; implementation of operational and administrative policies; Human Resources Management; etc.

HSMC earns her income from a stipulated percentage of the Hotel’s net income every month or a pre-determined sum of money as monthly Management Fee.

Lease Management Services
Under this service package HSMC leases the Hotel property and entire premises from the owners under a Lease Contractual Agreement for an agreed period of time and under clearly spelt out terms and conditions.

Under this arrangement we undertake to maintain the property and all its equipment and facilities in high tenantable state and agree to pay the owners a pre-determined and agreed rent periodically in arrears and at agreed formula spanning the effective period of the Contract.

The property could be leased for a period of 5 or 10 years which is renewable at its expiration.

Franchise Management
Here HSMC enters into a Franchise Contract Agreement with Managers/Owners of the Hotel whereby the name HSMC is used as part of the name of the Hotel in conferring the operations and business with the international recognition of the qualitative services and professionalism for which we are noted for. This is a re-assurance to the esteem guests that royalty and qualitative services awaits them in such Hotels enjoying these services.

As part of our obligations under this contract, HSMC helps in the installation of the policy and procedures for the operations and management of the Hotel. Furthermore, we undertakes regular inspection visits to the facility to ensure that the standards installed are well maintained and policies being complied with as contained in the Franchise Agreement. 

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