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Studies and experience have shown that poor resource management and operational inefficiency have grossly characterized the staff canteens, cafeteria, and guest Houses whose management have been directly carried out by the staff of corporate organizations and institutions. The attendant problems, therefore, have been low quality meals, high operational costs, and general dissatisfaction by the staff being fed.


At GASTRONOMIX, we appreciate the enormity of the economic wastes, operational demand, and pain-in-the-neck that direct catering management has constituted to companies and institutions. This is why we are in business to lift off the burden from your neck.


We are seasoned industrial caterers whose hallmark is the valued partnership formed with corporate bodies in the formulation and/or implementation of Staff Feeding Policy. With our professional competence, skills, and wealth of cognate experience over the years, we determine the nutritional requirements of your staff and meticulously plan a standard menu to achieve nutritionally balanced and delicious meals at reasonable costs.


Not all, GASTRONOMIX is synonymous with quality and in our continuous quest for excellence; we always ensure that our services are in conformity international standard and quality.